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Falcon is a free, open-source SQL editor with inline data visualization. It currently supports connecting to RedShift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Impala, MS SQL, Oracle, SQLite and more (for connecting to Oracle, please, see here the instructions to install the required free Oracle Instant Client).

Visit to learn more or visit the Plotly forum.

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Download Falcon for Mac OS

Download Falcon for Windows

Screencast of falcon sql client


If you want to read more about connecting Falcon to your data warehouse, is free and available online. You can also contribute to this documentation through GitHub.


You can also contact us if you would like a specific feature added.

We want to encourage a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for contributing to this project. See the code of conduct for more information.




This app is built with Electron, React, Redux, and Sequelize.
Originally forked from electron-react-boilerplate.


Code released under the MIT © License.

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