Where to buy a webcam: these retailers still have stock

When you have to work from home, the capability to have an effective video conference is extremely important. And, while a lot of folks may have laptops that have a built-in camera, the best webcams can boost video quality so much that they’re essential for anyone having regular video calls. 

However, now that the Covid-19 crisis has driven so many people to work from home, supply is running out. Understandably, a lot of people are scrambling to get their hands on a solid webcam so they can keep doing their jobs, even if they have to be remote. 

If you’re scrambling to get your hands on a solid webcam, however, don’t worry – they’re definitely still out there, even if they’re not quite as easy to find. 

Luckily, we here at TechRadar are online shopping pros, and we’ve found the retailers that still have solid webcams on sale and gathered them all up down below. Just keep in mind that because webcams are moving so fast, there are certain models that may sell out super quickly.  

In the UK? We’ve just added some webcams for the UK market as well. Stock is moving really quickly right now, so make sure you jump on what’s available now. Check out our best webcams piece also to see the current range and find out which are still in stock in your areas.

Where to buy a webcam in the US

We scoured the web to find the webcams that still have stock available to buy right now. Because the nature of online shopping, however, we’ll likely see some of these sell out in the meantime. Some of these webcams are on backorder right now, but if you do buy one that’s affected you should still be able to get it in about a week. 

Logitech C930 | $129 at Logitech
The Logitech C930 was designed first and foremost for business, which means it’s uniquely designed for people working from home. From excellent build quality to a good mic, it has everything you’ll need for remote meetings. 

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Logitech StreamCam | $169 at Logitech
The Logitech StreamCam is Logitech’s latest webcam, but it really is one of the best. While this is marketed towards streamers, its excellent build quality and the ability to switch between phone-friendly 9:16 and computer-friendly 16:9 make it an excellent choice, even if it is a bit pricey. View Deal

Where to buy a webcam in the UK

Webcams are also thin on the ground in the UK. Here are some that we’ve found that are still in stock:

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 | £55.80 at eBay
Microsoft makes some great webcams, and this is a basic device that does the job well. It’s not the most feature-rich, and while it only offers 720p resolution, image quality still isn’t too bad. For the price, it’s well worth considering.View Deal

Webcams on backorder

Because availability for webcams is a little hit or miss right now, many webcams are currently on backorder. That means you probably won’t be able to get it within a couple days, but it should arrive within a week or two. We found the best webcams that are on backorder that are actually worth waiting for – having to wait for a piece of hardware is enough without worrying about getting something that is potentially not as good. 

Logitech StreamCam Plus | $169 at Gamestop
Rather than being on backorder, Gamestop is labeling this as a preorder. However, the Logitech StreamCam is the webcam that we use as a daily device, making it an easy recommendation. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s genuinely worth every penny. View Deal

Where to buy a webcam in the UK

Stock is currently an issue for webcams in the UK right now with many of the big retailers such as Amazon, Curry’s and Argos selling out quickly while people adjust to their new working from home situation. We’ve still found some cheap webcams that are still available, so don’t worry if you’re still looking – we can help your search.

HXSJ A860 USB2 webcam with mic | £17.38 £13.99 at Newegg
If you’re in a fix and looking for something cheap that can handle both video and audio then this is currently your best bet. At under £15 it’s cheap and cheerful but will still get the job done if you want to video call your relatives or dial into those remote meetings at work.View Deal

Logitech C270 HD webcam | £29.99 at Currys
This deal will last about 5 minutes so you’ll need to get your hustle on if you need a cheap webcam. Logitech is a well-known brand, so you’ll get a decent 720p webcam with a built-in mic here – this is your best bet if you want to avoid brand-less imports.
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Logitech B525 HD webcam | £58.99 at eBay
Here’s the next step up from the C270 above. With this webcam you’ll get 720p, auto-focus an inbuilt mic and 360-degree adjustable camera tilt – handy features that make it sit comfortably in the mid-range for webcams. Still in stock over at eBay, but it’s likely to sell out soon.
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Logitech C930c 1080P webcam | £88.30 at Newegg
If you’d prefer to go for a well-known brand then Newegg still has some stock on these Logitech C930c webcams. These are solid, business-focused webcams that will render video in 1080p – perfect for everything including Google Hangouts and Skype.
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Razer Stargazer advanced webcam | £129.99 at GAME
Here’s a great streaming focused webcam from Razer that’s still in stock at GAME today. Rendering video in 1080p, 60FPS and with a range of cool tech like a noise-canceling mic and dynamic background removal, these webcams have a whole range of useful applications, even outside of streaming.
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