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Since the beginning of internet technology, individuals have been struggling to keep on top of websites, their sources and articles they want to revisit.

Fortunately, this is quickly handled using a fantastic online bookmark tool such as the Chrome bookmark manager as well as an Firefox book manager.

Despite the abundance of useful bookmarking sites, many prefer to store their data in the old-fashioned way. You’ve likely employed these methods to keep track of some thing:

  1. Bookmark this page
  2. You can email yourself the link
  3. Open a site in your browser

Although these easy methods can be helpful in preserving your work, they can make your web browsers, homepage folders, inboxes and other folders clutter-filled and disorganized. As time passes, as you begin to fill your inbox with websites, your storage will get clogged up with resources that could be overlooked or accidentally closed later.

There are many bookmark management tools that can help you avoid these kinds of mess. This is our review of the best bookmark management tools!

WebCull – Best New Bookmark Manager

WebCull is a new browser that allows you to “save, organize, and share the web like a pro”.

With WebCull it is possible to organize hyperlinks into neatly-organized folders, and stack them however you like. Any bookmarks that you import will retain the format you used in the prior bookmark management system.

WebCull is extremely user-friendly It syncs between all your devices. device.

Other important features of WebCull’s bookmark manager include:

  • Google Chrome, Opera extension and Firefox
  • Search functionality that allows you to search for tags, titles or even keywords in your saved articles
  • You can easily create a shareable link to share with any stack using the option of securing your link with a password. link

Price:Free with the option to add applications – Best overall bookmark manager is a elegant and user-friendly bookmark management tool.

With the option to bookmark an article, image or web page in a specific subfolder or folder, makes it simple to store your resources in a logical manner.

The most distinctive feature of is its ability to guide search. If you apply a hashtag or simple search term, will be able to identify the category the source matches and then retrieve the relevant results from a search.

You can pick between images view, list view, or mood boards.

Our most loved option is our Image Saving extension for Google Chrome. All you need to do is click on an image, then select “Save Image to”. is available as a web extension available for the Chrome, Firefox as well as other well-known web browsers. It’s also available as a mobile and desktop application available for iOS, Android, Mac along with Windows devices.

Prices: Free with the option of upgrading to a Pro plan for $3 per monthly ($28 per year). Pro provides more cloud storage photos, storage for photos, and a host of other features.

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Lasso is the best team manager of bookmarks

Lasso can be described as a cloud-based bookmark management tool that organizes and stores your bookmarks in a neat and user-friendly dashboard. Through Lasso you’re in a position to save your content private for your personal use, or share folders with team members.

Sometimes referred to in the past as “the easiest and most powerful way to curate and share content,” Lasso is the ideal tool for collaboration on resources with colleagues.

With the Lasso Chrome Extension it is possible to display your content using Grid or Map, Link or Comparable views. Furthermore, it works with Slack to make it easier to communicate on topics or resources.

Price: Free for up to 5 team members!

Chrome Bookmark Manager – The best simple bookmarking tool

Chrome Bookmark Manager is a basic chrome extension that helps save web pages more efficiently.

Incompatible With Google Search, this chrome extension lets you sort through all the files available in the search engine.

There’s no need to overflow you menu with bookmarks. Simply open your browser then install the extension and then save. There’s no need to log in to Gmail to sign into your Gmail account.

Pricing: Free

Pocket – The best bookmarking tool for later reading

Did you stumble across an article that appears interesting to read? Have you ever felt conflicted about whether to bookmark the article only to be concerned about it being lost amid the clutter of your other bookmarks? This sounds to me like Pocket could be the ideal tool for you.

Pocket is an application for managing bookmarks that instantly saves and suggests the most intriguing stories on the web.

Pocket can be downloaded as an application or web-based extension for all the major platforms ( iPad, Smartphone Google Chrome, Safari, Kindle Fire,etc.) Pocket is also compatible with more than 1,500 applications such as Twitter, Flipboard as well as Zite.

Price:Free with the option of an upgrade to premium for $4.99 each month, and $44.99 for the year.

GGather A Bookmark Manager with the broadest selection

Another remarkable Bookmark manager that is amazing is GGather..

Ggather’s elegant dashboard comes with an impressive array of options, including different views as well as search-friendly tags and notes on your bookmarks.

GGather is perhaps the largest bookmark management tool in this list. With GGather you have the option of saving/accessing the saved pages using an Chrome Extension, web application via URL, through a bookmarklet, and in the near future through iOS as well as Android.

One of the most impressive features of this program is its rating and label scale. The GGather tool lets you label your bookmarks and place it on a scale from 1 to 5. It allows users to sort through their bookmarks according to the importance level.

Prices:Free with the option to upgrade to a premium version at $3 per month.

Dropmark – Best bookmarking tool for photos and media

Dropmark is possibly among the more attractive tools for managing bookmarks available.

Users can move and drop files onto the dashboard. They can also preview visually using the image featured in the source.

Dropmark lets users organize audio, video, photos, bites, or even gifs into different folder categories.

One of the most innovative features is the slideshow view. The entire Dropmark Collections can be displayed in fullscreen motion, which is ideal for presentations.

Price: Free Personal plan that includes upgrades available for Pro and Team plans. Pro ($4/month) as well as team ($5/month) plan.


It’s not your standard bookmark manager. Refind is an original exclusive, invite-only board (no unlike Pinterest) which users are required to be on a waitlist to get.

Once you sign up as a member in Refind the relevant links are selected to you based on the topics you’ve followed. As a member, you’ll be capable of navigating these sites and save things you find interesting.

It basically does the search for you. It’s pretty awesome!

Pricing: Free


Webjets is one of our most loved bookmarking platforms. Webjets is a clean interface that lets you keep your files in a simple way.

It’s simple. Simply drag and drop the URL or document or other type of file to the folder, and then make notes of are going to do with the files.

With Webjets the only thing you need to do is open the webpage and then press CMD/CRTL to copy the URL in your directory. You can also add images, make notes, or add Google Docs directly onto the page.

Webjets is a great tool for project management. an effective project management tool after some bugs are resolved and an Chrome Extension is released.

Overall, it’s an excellent tool to generate ideas.

Pricing is free or upgrade to Professional for $5 per month. Professional plans come with unlimited credit card and collaboration.


Papaly is an online bookmark manager which saves your bookmarks in a gallery of collections called boards. The boards can be personalized and filtered by unique categories.

Through Papaly it’s simple to keep your favourite articles or blogs efficiently organized. Similar to most bookmarking programs, Papaly can be used as a mobile application, or as a browser extension to Chrome as well as Firefox.

Pricing: Free

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If you’re looking to see all your bookmark folders on a single screen If so, is probably the best tool for you. is a private bookmarking tool that arranges your most visited websites and other popular websites. You can personalize the color scheme of your files with an extension for your desktop or mobile application.

Pricing: Free


In a glance Diigo lets users to save and add search-friendly tags on web pages.

Users are able to create an online library of personal sources and also note sticky notes that contain annotations. This allows users to collaborate and share on bookmarks of information.

It’s not surprising that there are more than 9 million users on Diigo.

Prices:Free or options for Standard Professional, Standard Business and Standard plans that run from $40 to 120 per year.

“Never lose a website again.” This is a bold assertion, however is a excellent bookmarking tool that can make this happen.

Based on Google Chrome, Fetching tracks every website you visit, not just your bookmarks.

Fetching ensures that all history on the internet is protected, while giving users the option to segregate their preferred websites to prevent the hassle of finding the page that must be revisited.

Price:$3.33/month for a standard Cloud plan, or an all-in-one fee of $29 for an account that is a native account. You can try it by registering for a free trial of 30 days.


Roboform is a single-source storage system that stores all relevant account details. It is primarily used for password manager, Roboform also offers bookmarking features that permit users to keep an eye on the most important websites.

If you’re in search of an app that keeps an eye on all the important logins such as passwords, contacts, passwords applications, bookmarks and many more You should definitely consider using this program.

Prices:Free with the option to purchase an Full Access upgrade ($19.95/year) or a Family package ($39.90/year)


Cling is a unique cloud-based app that allows you to take notes that you’ve eaten a slice of cake.

Cling lets you record an agenda, take notes, save pertinent content, and show important photos on a powerful, yet easy-to-use dashboard.

If you’re in need of an app for bookmarking that also functions as a task-management tool You should give Cling the chance.

Pricing: Free.

A highly well-known bookmark management tools are Delicious which is a social bookmarking website service for sharing, storing and finding digital bookmarks.

In Delicious you can save a page and then add a tag to the page and then find websites that match the tag. Delicious can be used as an Chrome browser bookmark management tool, Firefox browser bookmarks manager or as a dashboard on the web.

Unfortunately, Delicious is going through a redesign however, it will be available with a brand new and improved look on the 24th of July.

Pricing: Free

Did we miss any good bookmark managers? Submit a software review for an individual post review or to be featured on this list (if it is worthy). You can also check out our software directory for more cool tools.

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